Made by LOL

A range of handmade Coats, Harnesses, and T-shirts made right here at LOL. These products can be purchased pre-made off the website or custom ordered. If you would like a certain colour or style customized please email us at
  • Felted Shampoo Bar
    Lavender, lemongrass, eucaluptus dog shampoo bar for dogs, wrapped in pure felt.
    NZ$ 5.00
  • Miniature kitties
    Cute hand sculpted mini cats for the Christmas tree. Each pice is unique because each pet is unique.
    NZ$ 10.00
  • The Kicker
    A cat toy designed for cats that like to grab hold, bite, and kick at their toys.
    Stuffed with homegrown catnip.
    NZ$ 4.00
  • Miniature Pups
    Miniature clay decorations. Hand sculpted and painted here at LOL. Perfect to hang on the tree and Christmas.
    Available in a range of colours and breeds. Buy one ready made or customize your own.
    NZ$ 10.00
  • Bow Ties
    Jazz up your pets wardrobe with these bow ties made from recycled upholstery fabric. Each one is unique!
    NZ$ 10.00
  • Collar Bandana
    Add a pop of colour to your dogs day with these fun bandanas. Bandanas designed to slipped over a dogs collar. Made to fit any standard collar with multiple sizes to suit any pooch.
    NZ$ 8.00
  • Cloth Waste Bag Carrier
    Versatile waste bag carrier that can be clipped on to a lead, collar, belt, bag etc. Made from cotton fabric these waste carriers don't clink or clack as you walk.
    NZ$ 5.00
  • Handbag Waste Carrier
    Forget the Birkin bag every dog wants a barkin bag. Walk in style with this mini handbag made from red pleather, designed to carry dog waste bags. Clips onto a belt, lead, bag or collar for easy and convenient use.
    NZ$ 5.00
  • Snuggle sack
    The perfect bed for a cat, dog or small animal to cuddle up and snuggle into. Lie on its side to create an enclosed den or place upright to create a round bed to curl up in.
    NZ$ 35.00
  • Cat Cave
    Made for pets that like to hide, this is the perfect bed for a cat, dog, or small animal to cuddle up and snuggle into.
    NZ$ 35.00
  • Tunnel Bed
    A fun padded play tunnel that opens to a soft and cuddly sleeping mat.
    NZ$ 29.00
  • Fabric Bowl, Small
    Portable pet bowl. Collapsible travel food and water bowl.
    NZ$ 12.00
  • Fabric Bowl, Large
    Collapsible travel pet bowl for larger dogs.
    NZ$ 15.00
  • Seatbelt Loop
    Keep your furry friend safe and secure when traveling in the car.
    Clip seatbelt loop to your dog's harness, then slide your car's seatbelt through the loop and secure as usual. A great alternative seatbelt restraint for cars the are not compatible with standard clip in seatbelt restraints.
    NZ$ 8.00
  • Waterproof Hooded Raincoat
    Double layer hooded raincoat. Surface waterproof material, warm fleece inner. Sizes range from XS - L. Smallto large breeds. Made here at LOL.
  • Hoodie - Winter Pink
    Stylish fleece lined hoodie perfect for Winter days. Sizes range from XS - XL. Made here at LOL
  • Hoodie - Soldier Print
    Autumn/Winter stylish hoodie. Sizes range from XS - XL. Made here at LOL.
  • Catnip Rabbit
    A super cute toy that cats love to chase, throw, stalk. Made from recycled materials and dried homegrown catnip.
    Two per pack.
    NZ$ 3.00
  • Catnip Mice
    The best toy to carry, flick, throw, chase. Play to your cats natural instincts. Made from fabric scraps leftover from our handmade coats and harnesses. Filled with homegrown catnip.
    Two per pack
    NZ$ 3.00
  • Feather Catnip Toys
    Cats love to run, chase and tackle these feathery catnip toys. Made from fabric scraps and homegrown catnip.
    Two per pack
    NZ$ 3.00
  • Cat Chaser
    Handmade chaser toy for cats made from recycled fabric.
    NZ$ 5.00

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