Made by LOL

A range of handmade Coats, Harnesses, and T-shirts made right here at LOL. These products can be purchased pre-made off the website or custom ordered. If you would like a certain colour or style customized please email us at
  • Cat Gift Pack
    An assortment of cat toys including:
    Crinkle Heart, Crinkle Fish, Catnip Rabbit, Catnip Mouse, Dumbo Mouse, and a Cat chaser.
    NZ$ 10.00
  • Snowman Bandana
    Cute handmade bandana. Available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL
    NZ$ 8.00
  • Snuffle Ball
    A fun enrichment toy for your dog.

    Fill with kibble and treats and allow your dog to roll, toss, and snuffle through the folds to find all the food.
    NZ$ 10.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Tuxedo Bandana
    A dapper bandana for dogs and cats.
    Converts from a scarf bandana to a collar bandana.
    Available in XXS - XL
    NZ$ 15.00
  • Sky Blue Bandana Tuxedo
    A chance for you pooch to get all dressed up. The pawfect wedding attire.
    NZ$ 15.00
  • Suit & Tie Bandana
    A fun bandana perfect for dress-up and Halloween.
    NZ$ 12.00
  • Rainbow Bandana
    A cute and stylish scarf style bandana. Available in sizes XXS - XL
    NZ$ 10.00
  • Treat Pouch
    Travel size treat bag perfect for on the go training. External clip and be clipped onto a lead or belt making treat rewards easier to reach. Drawstring makes treats easily accessable.
    NZ$ 10.00
  • Waste Bag
    Versatile waste bag carrier that can be clipped on to a lead, collar, belt, bag etc. Made from cotton fabric these waste carriers don't clink or clack as you walk.
    NZ$ 5.00
  • Waste Bag, Double Loader
    Versatile waste bag carrier that can be clipped to a lead, collar, belt, bag and more. Made to carry two rolls of waste bags so you are never left short.
    NZ$ 8.00
  • Felted Shampoo Bar
    Lavender, lemongrass, eucaluptus dog shampoo bar for dogs, wrapped in pure felt.
    NZ$ 5.00
  • Shell Fleece Raincoat
    Double layer raincoat with a waterproof surface material and warm fleece inner. Featuring a charming rain cloud design.
    Available in XS - XL
    Handmade here at LOL. This style can be customized
  • Hooded Shell Fleece Raincoat
    Double layer hooded raincoat. Surface waterproof material, warm fleece inner. Sizes range from XS - L. Smallto large breeds. Made here at LOL.
  • Tunnel Bed
    A fun padded play tunnel that opens to a soft and cuddly sleeping mat.
    NZ$ 29.00
  • Snuggle sack
    The perfect bed for a cat, dog or small animal to cuddle up and snuggle into. Lie on its side to create an enclosed den or place upright to create a round bed to curl up in.
    NZ$ 35.00
  • Cat Cave
    Made for pets that like to hide, this is the perfect bed for a cat, dog, or small animal to cuddle up and snuggle into.
    NZ$ 35.00
  • Check Collar Bandana
    Add a pop of colour to your dogs day with these fun bandanas. Bandanas designed to slipped over a dogs collar. Made to fit any standard collar with multiple sizes to suit any pooch.
    NZ$ 8.00
  • Bow Ties
    Jazz up your pets wardrobe with these bow ties made from recycled upholstery fabric. Each one is unique!
    NZ$ 10.00
  • Recycled Range Bandanas
    Small order and unique collar bandanas made from recycled materials. Find a unique piece for your furbaby.
    Sizes range from XXS - XL
    NZ$ 8.00
  • Handbag Waste Carrier
    Forget the Birkin bag every dog wants a barkin bag. Walk in style with this mini handbag made from red pleather, designed to carry dog waste bags. Clips onto a belt, lead, bag or collar for easy and convenient use.
    NZ$ 5.00
  • Hoodie - Winter Pink
    Stylish fleece lined hoodie perfect for Winter days. Sizes range from XS - XL. Made here at LOL
  • Catnip Rabbit
    A super cute toy that cats love to chase, throw, stalk. Made from recycled materials and dried homegrown catnip.
    Two per pack.
    NZ$ 3.00

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