Tuxedo Bandana

Tuxedo Bandana
A dapper bandana for dogs and cats.
Converts from a scarf bandana to a collar bandana.
Available in XXS - XL
NZ$ 15.00
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  • Can convert from a standard scarf bandana into a collar bandana by folding in ends and threading through a collar
  • Available in sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL - See Specifications for full measurements.
  • Made from Cotton
  • Handmade in NZ
  • Custom orders available, for enquiries email loveonaleashnz@gmail.com

Size Full Width (scarf bandana width) Collar Bandana width   Length          

(Scarf Bandana)

Fits a neck up to       

XXS 34cm 16cm 17cm 19cm
XS 40cm 20cm 20cm 23cm
S 57cm 29cm 27cm 38cm
M 63cm 31cm 30cm 47cm
L 75cm 38cm 37cm 55cm
XL 87cm 41cm 41cm 66cm
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