Snuggle sack

Snuggle sack
The perfect bed for a cat, dog or small animal to cuddle up and snuggle into. Lie on its side to create an enclosed den or place upright to create a round bed to curl up in.
NZ$ 42.00
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  • Materials: Fleece, nylon zip
  • Multi use: on its side the bed creates a snuggly hidey-hole for your pet to nest in. Placed upright it creates a round bed with padded sides for your pet to curl up in.
  • Removable, washable inner lining
  • Made to suit different sleeping habits
  • Padded outer border
  • Lightly padded inside
  • Lined in fluffy snuggly material
  • Cute cat ear details
  • Made in NZ here at LOL
  • Colours, materials, size are all fully customisable. For more information on custom orders email us at


Width - 50cm (approx)

Length - 60cm (approx)