Snuffle Ball

Snuffle Ball
A fun enrichment toy for your dog.

Fill with kibble and treats and allow your dog to roll, toss, and snuffle through the folds to find all the food.
NZ$ 16.00
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Approx 18cm Diameter


A fun boredom buster made for enrichment.

Use as a flirt toy to grab your dogs attention.

Play fetch for one on one games.

Made in NZ


Fill with kibble and treat, scatter throught the folds of fleece. 
Your dog will roll, toss, and snuffle through the folds to find all the food. 


Made from fleece. 

Custom colour
Available for purchase in random colour(s) or custom colour(s). When purchasing custom colours write your prefered colours in the comment box when checking out or email us at
Custom orders may take a couple of weeks to arrive. 

*Always supervise your dog when using toys.