Snuffle Quilt

Snuffle Quilt
The Snuffle Quilt is a fun enrichment game for dogs. The seven activity stations allow your dog to snuffle and dig for treats as they keep their mind engaged and have fun!
NZ$ 25.00
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Dimensions - 49cm X 49cm


7 activity stations - The snuffle matt, ladder, twist, flowers, tent, pocket, and roll  

Has a non slip backing to help limit slipping and sliding

Features a tie at one end which can be used to tie the quilt to an anchor e.g. table/chair 

Can roll up for easy storage

Made from fleece and non slip backing


To get the best use out of your snuffle matt stay with your dog and start off slow. Work your dog through each section, one at a time. Start easy and work on increasing the difficulty level. 

Keep it fun, if your dog becomes frustrated drop the difficulty or go back to an easier station. 

Always supervise your dog when playing with toys and games. 

Price is for one snuffle matt in random colours. 

See our blog post for info and introduction to the seven stations  Click here >>>Snuffle Quilt

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