Snuffle Square - Ruffle

Snuffle Square - Ruffle
Make meal time more fun, help slow speedy eaters, and entertain bored pups with our Snuffle Squares!
Each square features one boredom busting snuffle activity. Individual squares can be connected to create a bigger and more elaborate enrichment activity board.
NZ$ 30.00
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43cm X 43cm


Ruffle Fun!

Engages your dogs mind. 

Stimulates your dogs natural instincts.

Velcro tabs allow the ruffle square to be connected to other enrichment squares to create a bigger game board. 

Made in NZ.

How to use

Scatter treats and kibble through the soft folds of fleece. Your pet will love using their natural snuffling instincts to sniff through the folds to find all the tasty treats.


Cold machine wash and leave to dry. 


Fleece, canvas, velcro

Custom Colours

Available for purchase in either a randomly selected colour(s) or a customised colour(s). If selecting a custom colour please write the colours you would like in the commnets box at checkout or email us at
Custom colours may take a couple of weeks to arrive.