Pohutukawa Coat

Pohutukawa Coat
Stylish and warm coat for Winter weather. Made here at LOL.
  • Custom
  • Pre-made
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When clothes shopping it can be hard to find the correct size for your dog. Here at LOL we are happy to replace or refund any incorrectly sized garment.

These coats are handmade here at LOL. If you can't find the correct size/style for your dog we are happy to make a custom piece. We can add a D-ring lead attachment, waterproofing, hood or collar to any piece.

Website stock only shows remaining pre-made stock. To purchase a pre-made iteam select the "pre-made" option then the size you would like to purchase. To purchase a custom pice select all "custom" options on purchase.

For more information email us at loveonaleashnz@gmail.com

  • Fashionable and stylish
  • Warm 
  • Machone washable
  • Adjustable velcro  neck and chest
  • Cotton outer, fleece lining
  • Customisable
  • Made in NZ 
  • For size reference Lilly the Lhasa Apso wears size M in this style

This fabric is in stock and can be made and customised to suit your dog. Add a collar, hood or waterproofing layer. Change fleece lining. This style can be made in larger sizes for larger dogs. For more information on custom pieces email us at loveonaleashnz@gmail.com