Hoodie - Winter Pink

Hoodie - Winter Pink
Stylish fleece lined hoodie perfect for Winter days. Sizes range from XS - XL. Made here at LOL
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Sizes and Prices

XS - $20
S - $22
M - $24
L - $26
XL - $28

  • Autumn/Winter Hoodies
  • Fleece/Polyester
  • Stylish deisgn perfect for Winter
  • Decorative double stitching
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Two leg design and press stud front make it easy to put on and take off
  • Range of sizes: XS S M L LX
  • For small to large breeds
  • Made Here at LOL
  • Made in NZ

Size Neck Chest Back Length
XS 39cm 42cm 26cm
S 47cm 55cm 36cm
M 54cm 68cm 46cm
L 65cm 81cm 56cm
XL 72cm 94cm 66cm

When clothes shopping it can be hard to find the correct size for your dog. Here at LOL we are happy to replace or refund any incorrectly sized garment.

Website stock only shows remaining pre-made stock. To purchase a pre-made iteam select the "pre-made" option then the size you would like to purchase. To purchase a custom pice select all "custom" options on purchase.

There is a limited run on this fabric but the style can be customized and remade in another fabric/colour. If you are interested in a custom piece please email us at loveonaleashnz@gmail.com