Catnip Crinkle hearts

Catnip Crinkle hearts
A toy made for cats who like to roll and kick their toys. The smell of the catnip and sound and crunch from the crinkle excites and encourages your cat to play. Made from recycled materials and homegrown catnip.
One per pack
NZ$ 8.00
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Here at LOL we try to have as little waste as possible. We have a combination of  Handmade and imported items. Our handmade items such as our coats and harnesses leave us with a small amount of scrap fabric. Our imported items leave us with a lot of waste from plastic packaging. To save these scraps and plastic waste from ending up in a landfil we decided to combine the crinkly, crunchy packages with the fluffy and bright fabric scaps to make enticing and interactive toys for pets.

These toys feature:

Colourful and bright fabrics

Lined in crinkly recycled plastic

Filled with freshly dried homegrown catnip

Each pack contains one randomly selected Crinkle Heart, colours and materials vary


Materials: Cotton, Stuffing, Catnip