Santa Hats

Santa Hats
Santa Hats made for Christmas. Each hat features an elastic chin strap. Made from recycled santa suits.
NZ$ 5.00
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We currently have two sizes Small and Medium. However, we do offer custom orders. If you require a different size, select 'Custom' upon purchase and leave the measurements in the comment box, or email us we are happy to help.

These are handmade here at LOL from recycled Santa suits.

Made in NZ.



Length: 20cm

Width: 14cm


Length: 24cm

Width: 16cm

  • Double Sided Raincoat (Small)
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  • Double Sided Raincoat (Medium)
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  • Houndstooth coat
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  • Pink/Owl Jacket
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  • Christmas Reindeer Costume
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  • Miniature Pups
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  • Hoodie - Winter Pink
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  • Hoodie - Soldier Print
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  • Hooded Shell Fleece Raincoat
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  • Super Dog Hoodless Raincoat
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