Christmas Reindeer Costume

Christmas Reindeer Costume
Made from a single layer of cotton, with an acrylic fur collar. Hand painted to look like a deer. Adjustable around the body and chest with Velcro.
Each set includes one coat and one pair of antlers.

Available in three sizes: small, medium, large.
NZ$ 20.00
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  • Hand painted and hand sewn
  • Unique 
  • Adjustable with Velcro around body and chest
  • Single layer cotton 

Coat made from cotton and acrylic fur.

Antlers made from acrylic fur, cotton, felt.



Chest- 41cm

Body- 51cm

Back length- 28cm


Chest- 50cm

Body- 64cm

Back length- 37cm


Chest- 61cm

Body- 78cm

Back length- 47cm

Oscar the Beagle is wearing size large and Scottie dog is wearing size small.

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