Dog Teething Ball

Dog Teething Ball
Teething ball for young puppy, growing his first teeth.
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Diameter: 6cm

Mozart's Review

Mozart LOVES the squeaker ball he has happily squeaked his way through months of boredom, and soothed irritated teething gums.
The teething ball is great for, you guessed it, teething puppies. These balls are smaller than a tennis ball making them easier for puppy jaws to pick up. The rubber design is soft and paw print design happily keeps pups engaged. These balls come with a bonus, they have a squeaker! This is ideal for sound stimulated breeds. It also allows you distract and direct puppy's attention towards the teething ball, using the loud squeaker as an attention grabber, when puppy finds himself playing with less than desirable toys (couch, cords, shoes...) Like most puppy teething gear this ball is not indestructable and if left alone puppy will chew through it with ease, however, every toy box needs a couple of chewy toys set by to satisfy those needle like puppy teeth. And puppies love them!

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